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Catherine woke up this morning with a stiff knee, she has good days and bad days. I am looking into getting her a bicycle to ride on. Maybe this will help with the stiffness I am not really sure. I have been keeping a journal of her symptoms. We’ll see how it is in the morning.

This past weekend

SO this weekend Catherine did really well, we gave her the injection on Saturday evening, and no bad reactions. On Friday she was complaining of her ankle hurting and it was a little swollen, also last night she was complaining about her head hurting, so I think I need to contact her peditrician. Today she had a great day at school, she is sitting criss cross apple sauce, I am excited and hoping this is going to put this in remission.

This Thursday morning

Catherine woke up with pain in her knee, so I am not sure what’s going on. I don’t know if it is because she played on the playground at school. She said after running around her knee hurt. I don’t know. Tomorrow is her day for injections. Pray she doesn’t have any reactions

First Day of School

Today was a¬†awesome first day. I met with Cat’s teacher this morning to let her know what was going on, and take the doctor’s note. Yesterday was a good check up with the orthopedic surgeon he said her knee was looking better, and see her back in 2 months. So now we alternate months between Specialist and Surgeon. We will know more next month from the pediatric specialist. Monday and Tuesday Cat woke up with a stiff knee, so I am,¬† unsure with what is going on. She started complaining about her ankle on and off last week, that’s something we need to check out with the doctor. Catherine said that her knee started hurting when she was playing on the playground.

As far as mom, I started training on the cycle last week 10 miles every other day.


Well Catherine wasn’t feeling so good last night, but we made her some crushed ice to help ease her nasuea. This morning I visited with the school nurse and her teacher to bring them up to speed on what is happening with Catherine. All went well, I am pretty excited for the new school year.

Sunday Update

The update since Wednesday, Cat’s blood work was ok, just a little anemic. So this time we decided to change the time we give Cat her weekly injection to Friday evenings. Well she slept through the night with no nasuea, vomiting, diahrea, I was praying to God that she wouldn’t feel anything. I am excitied. She has woken up about a week with no knee pain. So far so good! She starts school this week. I am praying for a good year, with less missed days. Cat’s asthma has been pretty good too, only one attack this summer! Maybe she is growing out of it, I am praying she is getting her immune system up. This weekend I started training super hard on the cycle.

Chapel Hill Visit

So it went good, Catherine’s leg is longer than the other leg, so they are going to try to fix that once her swelling goes down. However on the way home I stop at the Walmart Pharmacy to pick up her meds, so after looking and talking to different pharmacists in Walmart, the last 3 weeks they had given her the wrong methotrexate.

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