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Headache for the 2nd day in a row

Not really sure what is going on with Cat’s head, but she is complaining of a headache for the second morning in a row.

Rainy Morning

Well this is the first time in I know the entire summer that it has rained all day and night. Catherine woke up with a headache, stomach ache, knee pain and ankle pains. I think the headache is from the chemo and so is the stomach ache. The knee and ankle pains are from the JVA. I gave her motrin this morning, I hope she had a good day at school.

Increased Dose

One thing I am hoping to find a family horse that the kids and enjoy especially her, so if anyone knows of a horse that is dead broke and good around kids, let me know. On to the story. So tonight was kind of funny. We increased her dose to from .5 to .6, and next week it will be .7/ so as always I let Catherine choose which arm and she decided on the fresh arm (the one that has never been used). So I prepped her arm, and she kept jumping every time I started towards, her. All the family was crowded around her, I guess this is our bonding moment, lol. So we had to go back to her original arm, tonight it was just harder for her to sit still and take it. The medicine stings a lot, the needle is very small, I asked the pharmacist for the smallest gauge. It is even smaller than the TB needle. I know she must be tired of getting it, we are on week either 9 or 10,  I think it is 10th. I can’t remember off the top of my head. We still have about 42 weeks left in the treatment, and I am just praying  that her ankle, knee and whatever else other joints just go into remission. I believe in the power of prayer, and I am praying hard that she can return to her normal life.

The Weekend!

Well Catherine woke up with a stiff knee and a hurting ankle. She said it was hurting yesterday in PE class, so I am still praying, we start her methotrexate increased dose tomorrow.

3rd Eye Appointment

So today was Catherine’s eye check up. Tell you what last night I was really praying hard, after getting some semi bad news on Tuesday from the specialist. So this morning I didn’t know what to expect, at least this time they didn’t have to dilate her eyes, the nurse tried to get the pressure drops in but it didn’t work, Catherine kept moving. So she said she wasn’t going to try. The ophthalmologist looked at her and said her eyes were NORMAL, and do a check up in 6 more months. What a BLESSING no arthritis in her eyes!  Thank you JESUS! I did talk to the nurse today, and Catherine is still anemic, the vitamins did not help her at all. So I need to talk to the pediatrician about that. However the doc is going to increase her methoxtrexate from 12mg to 17 mg, and her MRI should be in October.

6 Week check up after methotrexate

So today, we went to Chapel Hill to have her check up to see if the drug is working…Well I already knew she had some thickening in her ankle. So the doctor does his check up and tells me he thinks she has it in her jaw. He said that her leg was longer than the other, and we need to get a shoe lift for her left leg to even out her walk. He also scheduled us for a Physical Therapy. The way he was talking I tell you what I almost think we need to get a jacuzzi, he wants her to soak in the tub for a while with her bathing suit on and then he wants me to pull and push her knee back and forth.  He said I think we need to get an contrasting MRI of her jaw, so call the Nurse to schedule it. He also said if her labs were ok he was going to increase the dose of methotrexate. So if she has it in her jaw, that is three joints that are affected. Her dad is just in awe, he just doesn’t understand how there is no cure and she will have this all her life. We go to the eye doctor on Thursday and I PRAY that her eyes are ok. WOW I am just so bummed.I am going pray harder and I ask everyone who reads this to pray for Catherine, that this illness just goes away. PS on top of all this my house has become infested with ANTS! I was suppose to be working on a paper but I am working on vacuuming them up, finding where they are coming in at, the front room and my closet have them. We had ANTS three weeks ago in the kids room. Trying to get Picerne to come out and spray is like PULLING teeth..I could just make a whole new blog about PICERNE MILITARY HOUSING.. They say there are here for us, no they just want the soldier’s money each month and don’t care what conditions we live in. I often think that was it something in the house on Ashley Street that we lived in for a year that caused Catherine to get Arthritis? He immune system was already weak then she was having serious Asthma attacks, and bronchitis. I just wonder..

Sunday Night

Well Catherine was complaining about her throat being sore all day long, and then last night out of the blue her nose started bleeding. I looked up the side effects and I am not sure why her nose started bleeding. I am going to call her nurse this morning to let her know of the side effects.

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