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Saturday Morning

This has been the first Saturday morning in a while, that we have been able to stay home. Well this morning, I don’t know if it is because of the hurricanes and the barometric pressure but her knee hurts “kinda, a little bit, well maybe”. So needless to say it hurts. However she has never complained of her ankle but it just looks swollen.  However we are staying home this weekend, and I LOVE IT! She has had a great few weeks of school only missing one day so far! I am so impressed, now it is becoming a cold season. I have to separate my kids, the baby is sick and I have to keep him away from Cat. She can’t be exposed to illnesses or she can get it much quicker. And if she gets it then she can’t take the methotrexate until she is better. We are still having hopes that she can return to cheer-leading with Sanford Academy but I am not sure. At least she got measured for her uniform. Another sport she can do is horseback riding and swimming. She has been bugging me to do horse back riding since July. I admit I want to do that too, I love horses. Anyway Cat is afraid of them, I took her to the stables on Ft Bragg and she nearly had a heart attack when one sneezed LOL! But I must say when she was in Girl Scouts she rode a horse (we went to the GS Center for horses) and she loved it!

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