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9th Injection

Well Catherine had a pretty great day actually, she was up playing around, she helped decorate her dad’s birthday cake with her brother and sister. She did say her head was hurting and we gave her an Aleve like always just a little earlier. She took her 9th injection today, it sure hasn’t gotten any easier to give it to her, but I have gotten better at drawing it up, cleaning her arm off, pinching her arm up and giving it to her. She said the medicine stings when it goes in, I just can’t imagine. It has been a while since I got a shot. She is just a little trooper. It is a huge deal in the house when it is time to give her the shot. However I do make it right before bed (when she is falling over tired) so she won’t wake up with nausea. Back to the story, her grandma holds her hands, and her brother and sister always want to see, so Dad picks them up in his arms so they can see her getting a shot.

I tell you what she is a great kid, you couldn’t ask for a more well behaved child. I just don’t understand why she got this childhood illness.

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