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Archive for September 23, 2010

3rd Eye Appointment

So today was Catherine’s eye check up. Tell you what last night I was really praying hard, after getting some semi bad news on Tuesday from the specialist. So this morning I didn’t know what to expect, at least this time they didn’t have to dilate her eyes, the nurse tried to get the pressure drops in but it didn’t work, Catherine kept moving. So she said she wasn’t going to try. The ophthalmologist looked at her and said her eyes were NORMAL, and do a check up in 6 more months. What a BLESSING no arthritis in her eyes!  Thank you JESUS! I did talk to the nurse today, and Catherine is still anemic, the vitamins did not help her at all. So I need to talk to the pediatrician about that. However the doc is going to increase her methoxtrexate from 12mg to 17 mg, and her MRI should be in October.

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