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Cat’s Top Ten Tips

Cat wanted me to post her tips on how she deals with her pain. After reading about another little girl who had a hip replacement, Cat wanted to make her own top ten tips!

(1) You have to keeping in motion – I like to ride my bike, It makes exercise fun and I can do it with my mom and sister. I want to try swimming my mom is looking into that for me.

(2) Fun Distractions – I like to watch TV, play with my sister and brother. I also like to play my Nintendo DSi. I also like to go outside and relax and just look at the sky. I also like to write stories and read American Girl books.

(3) Music – I like to listen to the Nightmare Before Christmas on my IPOD, Miranda Costgove, the Pussycat Dolls, and what is on the radio.

(4) Going to school – Sometimes my mom really has to force me to go to school when I’m stiff or in pain. In the morning I sometimes feel a lot of pain but my mom says it’s going to happen every day so you have to tough through it sometimes. I try to flex and bend my knee and ankle, and in PE I sometimes take it easy when they hurt, I usually just sit down.

(5) Doing things for other people – I really like to help my friends when they need it or help me mom cook.

(6) Getting a good night sleep – Getting a good night’s sleep is really important when you are dealing with chronic pain. When you are tired, your joints are sore and everything is sore, it takes up a lot of energy just to move. The pain seems worse and you don’t have any energy to do the things you like to do. I like to go to bed early and sleep until about 6am. I wear loose, comfortable night clothes. Something that’s easy to get on and off, without buttons, snaps or zippers and something that won’t be too tight on sore joints. Every touch to the joint hurts when you are stiff, so you don’t want night clothes to rub against the joint and have it hurt every second. My nurse recommended, Sleepy time tea, it is warm and soothing and can help you sleep. Did I mention I LOVE TO SLEEP

(7) I love to take naps – On the weekends, I try to get some extra rest, even if it means just laying down and resting.

(8)  Heating pads – I have an electric heating pad. That’s all I need to say everyone needs one if you have pain.

(9) Baths – I like to take warm baths at night or in the morning if I’m having a hard time getting moving because of stiff joints. My mom tells me she is going to get a Jacuzzi tub for me.

(10)  ‘Don’t Ask, I’ll Tell’ policy – All my family is used to asking me, “Does your hip hurt today?” Or “Are your knees sore?” I know they only do it because they care. But the problem is, I might not have been thinking about the pain and once they mention it, it’s like – wham! Instant hurt and I’m focusing on it. So instead, they try to ask “Can I get you anything?” or something general like “How’s it going?” Then they trust that I’ll tell them if I’m in pain and need some help. Once they stopped asking, it didn’t bring it to my mind and I started not thinking about the pain.

Sore Throat

Cat has had a sore throat for the last two days and as a precaution to everyone at school, and for her to not get sick, we have kept her home, the pediatrician said if she isn’t better by Friday to bring her back, which I plan on doing.

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