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Archive for October 16, 2010

13th Injection

Well blog readers, we are on our 13th injection, quarter of a year I suppose. Cat said the medicine hurts. She didn’t complain about her knee at all this week but today we did a lot of walking and she said that her ankle was hurting. We gave her the double dose of folic acid, she has developed a insomnia, which has rubbed off on me, I don’t sleep through the night anymore I wake up around 2 oe 3 and stay awake to 5 and by 6 I am dragging to get up, and I have developed headaches.

She also took a nap today, which we did get up early this morning and went to Wal-mart but we also ended back at Wal-mart today. I told her that we would go to the State Fair, so hopefully she can walk around tomorrow at the State Fair. I can’t stress how important it is not to tire her out.  Please say a little prayer for Cat, that she has a great night.

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