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Week 16 of injections and it is wearing on all of us.

I think this week was the hardest each week gets worse, the anticipation of Catherine getting the shots is the hardest. She didn’t want the shot last night, so I told her that she would have to get the shot on Sunday night, well it took us about 20 minutes. This time usually it is a 5 min. procedure man this time her dad had to come and hold her down. It just made the situation worse, he was playing the video game and he was really mad that he had to get off to come and hold her down, so his attitude just made it worse for a crying 9 year old.

Now 40 minutes later she is better and not mad at me, but if I didn’t have someone to hold her down I am not sure she would have taken the injection. I tell you the serenity prayer has become my daily motivation prayer. I really wish I could have my husband to talk to about Catherine’s illness. Monday of this past week it was really hard, where I work I can’t take in my cell phone. So the nurse called my residence and talked to my mother to give me a message to give to me. It was that Cat has arthritis in both her jaws, and maybe in her eyes. So when I told my husband, he really didn’t understand the seriousness of the issue He proceeded to tell me that the doctor wasn’t doing his best and using Catherine as a guinea pig. I did tell him that methotrexate takes time to work like 4 to 6 weeks, and it was only less than a month since they increased her dosage. He was really fussing at me that I was not explaining it to him,  and I have offered to have him go with us to the doctor to talk to him but he always finds an excuse not to go. I have tried to talk to my husband however he really thinks I don’t know anything and I am hiding her illness and unless someone like his work buddies tell him, then he listens but I could tell him 100 times and he doesn’t take me serious. He was like well is she dying and I said no but she can if it gets in her organs. I really understand that everyone processes things differently but having a don’t care attitude really makes it hard, and he could be breaking inside but I wont’ know that.

I really don’t know how else to reach him and I am tired of trying he really has such a macho attitude, I told him to research Juvenile Arthritis, it is really sad that I can’t even get my own husband to become more aware of Juvenile Arthritis how can I get John Q. Public to become aware. And to whoever is reading this, he just didn’t start playing video games this has been going on since 2003 of video game playing. However the kids are getting older and are more interactive now since they aren’t babies. It really makes it difficult.

Anyway back to Cat she told me today I was a great mom and she loved me so much, so that makes me feel really good, at least she thinks I am doing good !

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