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Raising a Child with Arthritis

Tomorrow, most people will say “Thank God it’s Friday,” I say “Ugh it’s Friday” I have to give me daugther a shot on Saturday.

So I got a surprise in the mail, this wonderful book about How to Raise a Child with Arthritis. I can tell you what there are alot of things I didn’t know, such as this illness affects Native American and Caucasian children more than Black and Asian children. Then I was reading about theĀ  Uveitis (eye inflamation) and how severe it is, man I didn’t know it could be so horrible. It is so important that she not miss her eye appointments…GOSH you know the more I read and learn the more scared I get. This is horrible, we are waiting on the TMJ specialist to call us back but as I sit here and read this book…gaa I pray that her blood work will show something good like beating the autoimmune disease. Yall I pray that this works, I was reading that one family it took them like 3 years before their child was in remission…

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