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Today’s visit at the Pediatric Rheumatologist

So today we went and met with the pediatric rheumatologist in Chapel Hill, it took about and hour and 30 min to get there with traffic. We got in around 9 and was seen pretty quickly today! Dr. Stein said that her arthritis is still pretty active, and he is going to increase her Methotrexate from 17.5 to the full 25mg a week but also put her Enbrel to help put her arthritis in remission. She had to get another TB test and more blood work to make sure her liver is processing the chemo, and that her internal organs aren’t affected, and also a different type of lab work to see if she can take Enbrel. SO the nurse tells me that enbrel is really expense almost about $1500-$3000 and I am not sure if that’s a month or a shot, but that is like $36000 a year…I really hope this works, and thank GOD for my husband being in the Army b/c we couldn’t afford this no other way.

She is also going to get another joint injection procedure done in December and start on Enbrel injections. So now she will be taking two injections a week, he also changed her from Naproxen to something called Myobe (not sure of the spelling). It should be easier on her stomach, because I have to get up around 3 to give her meds to calm her stomach down. It is very tiring. So I am waiting to get her meds from the pharmacist, which I had a round with b/c the clerk seemed to not know anything about how much the co pay was, and if they carried that med. So I am feeling pretty ok, I am not sad my mom and grandma just are taking it hard, but to me I am not sure, maybe it hasn’t set in yet. I am just numb I suppose, I just want it to get better.

I am just I don’t know!

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