Our discovery with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Talking to the Pediatrician

So yesterday I was taking Cat to the pediatrician to follow up with her infections, and so far they are looking ok. However when I updated the file she told me that Catherine would be her only patient that has ever been on Enbrel, and she has only seen 1 other JRA case in her 20 years of being a pediatrician. I know Wednesday when I went to Walmart because the base didn’t carry the meds, she needed. We went to Walmart and they were trying to order this medicine in which Walmart can’t order because they just don’t make it, so I had to find a pharmacy that could compound it. So I am still on the quest to find it Walmart faxed it somewhere but now I don’t know where. It is amazing to me that this is such a rare disease for kids, and not alot of doctors know about it. I mean I sit here and ask why me, why my kid, why now? What is GOD trying to teach me? I think did I wrong someone in the past and it is coming back on my kids? I usually try to live by the good book, and I haven’t committed any ethical wrong doings. I just pray that it goes away.

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