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Visit to the TMJ Specialist

Well, yesterday in Chapel Hill was ok I suppose. We were at UNC Chapel Hill’s Dental School. I hear it is suppose to be the best in the nation, (could be a little onesided) however we met with the Oral/Facial TMJ Specialist. She looked at her MRI, and she said she would prefer looking at it in it’s true form (on the films) but would have to settle for now. SO she asked how did Catherine do with the joint injection in her knee, and I said ok. So she is going to do a joint injection in her jaw (ouch)! So instead of doing it in Chapel Hill because this falls under her mouth, the Dental and Medical Insurance don’t want to pay for it. SO I will have to have the procedure done at Womack. Which I am a little nervous. When I got sedation done at Womack I almost died! I am just a little uneasy, most of these doctors, change every 2 years. I don’t know I really hope they are the best. However the Dental TMJ Specialist said she will be there to do the procedure but it is almost like she is teaching the military doctors. She comes to Fort Bragg once a month to do oral/facial surgery…SO ehh I am just now so sure…Even though this doesn’t bother Catherine, you can she when she closes her jaw, it does a little popping before closing. Anyway Monday Dec 27, we are going to have her right ankle injected in Chapel Hill.

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