Our discovery with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis

I was so prepared this morning, I had Cat put on tights so they could get to her ankle quicker then put a skort on over top, and then when I get there, they said SURPRISE, we going to do her knee too. So I was like crap, and before they sedated her I was able to taker her tights off. So this morning, we had to leave extra early because of the snow on the roads. It took us 2 hours to get there this morning. Catherine was really nervous, and while we were waiting I played tic tac toe with her. I was trying to keep her mind off the upcoming procedure. When the nurse called us back, it was different today than before. UNC Chapel Hill has a Pediatric Sedation Team that does these types of procedures. SO Jeff and Michelle were her nurses. They were the nicest set of people I ever met. Really tried to make Catherine feel comfortable, they put numbing cream on the spots where they were suppose to give her the IV. It took about 20 mins to work. Then they took her back into the radiology OR, and the nurse gave her some go to sleep medicine, and they put her oxygen to measure he CO2 output. The radiologist used fluoroscopy and xrays to guide the needle into the joint. It only took about 45 minutes for the entire procedure. Then after-wards the radiologist came to talk to me to tell me how she did and what to do if she experiences pain. So then about 10 minutes later the nurses came to get us and go with Catherine to recovery. So after she kept food down they discharged her..BUT IT WAS FREEZING outside and was a long walk to the car. So I PRAY that this works and the arthritis leaves her body. I will give her the methotrexate injection today, I didn’t give it to her yesterday because I was afraid she was going to be sick from it this morning..


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