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Injection of Methotrexate in other Arm

So last night I couldn’t give the metho shot because we didn’t have any! Saved by mom forgetting to pick it up, so I got it today, and we had to give it in her other arm, talk about hard, she didn’t want the shot in the arm where she got the Enbrel and she didn’t want the shot in the other arm because she wasn’t use to it. I wasn’t use to it, it was super hard….she was already upset and it just made it worse…pray she doesn’t get nauseated tonight.

1st Injection of Enbrel

Well the injection of Enbrel, was painful, she said the medicine stung worse than the methotrexate, Enbrel is a lot thicker liquid and it takes a longer time to go in, and half way thru the injection she said is was stinging…this kid has been through a lot. I know next weekend she is going to hate, I mean HATE taking this injection, and I don’t know how in the world to reason with a 9 year old. *sigh*

I feel so bad, and now tonight we have to do the methotrexate injection..so hear comes nausea and stomach pain…need to stock up on ginger ale.

I pray this medicine works and March 1 when she goes back to the doc her arthritis is in remission.

Cat’s Medical Team Across NC

Please meet her lovely team, as well as all the nurses
Betsy, Debbie, Ester, and many more! I just want to thank them for being part of my journey with her.
Dermatologist-Dr. Morrell
Pediatric Rheumatoid Specialist- Dr. Stein
Orthopedic Surgeon- Dr. Green
Ophthalmologist- Dr. Danforth
Pediatrician- Dr. Gupta
Oral Facial Surgeon- Dr. Faulk

The Morning After

Cat didn’t take her pain meds until about 3pm yesterday, and then again right before bed. She said she slept great, but was tired and her face was sore. I don’t think I am going to let her go to school, because I just don’t want anything to hit her face and she can’t hardly open her mouth wide.

I told her if she felt like she needed her pain meds to let me know. I think today she is going to lay around but later tonight she has to get both injections on Enbrel and Methotrexate. I am feeling super nervous, I wish I could have given her the injections while she was knocked out during the procedure, sure would have made it easier.

You know I sit back and think it will almost be two years in May that she has developed this, and some months are harder than others. I am almost walking this journey alone with Cat, I know you are thinking “almost?” yes I said almost. It has been very difficult and trying, and I only wish that this new med Enbrel works and just puts this illness in remission.

Womack TMJ Injections

I personally didn’t sleep well at all.

SO this morning we got to the hospital early as requested, but they weren’t ready until 8am. So we were hanging out, and when they called us back Catherine got super nervous. So they had her change into a gown, and they took xrays.

Then Dr. Faulk came in and marked where she was going to do the procedure. Next was the hardest part, trying to get the IV in, well it was kinda hard, the nurse Debbie was awesome but a 9 year old and IV just don’t mix. She tried it in the left arm in the elbow, didn’t work, Cat kept jumping. So she tried it in her hand. Well Cat let her stick it in but the nurse missed the vein, and so the nurse was like let’s rest. So the other Resident, asked if they could use some gas, and I was like if it will knock her out then you can give her the IV. Dr. Faulk totally agreed with that, so after about 30 more minutes to get Cat calmed down, they took her back and used the gas, then they got the IV in her. Well before I left, they were trying to get Cat to smile and calm down and they took some great pics but Cat was not happy

The procedure only last 10 minutes, it took her more time to recover and wake up! So the docs did both TMJ joints, and she has gauze covering the injection marks. She is taking vicodin for the pain.

I just wish they could give her the gas before each injection. I just hate this disease, tomorrow gets both shots of Enbrel and Methotrexate. I pray this combination works.

Today in Chapel Hill

Well Catherine and I went to Chapel Hill and we ended up staying all day, I took the Enbrel with us so the nurse could show me how much to use. Then she showed me how to mix it in case I got the other kind. It is a very interesting medicine. Well they are going to leave Catherine on Methotrexate and start her on Enbrel, I figure I will give it to her Thursday, since tomorrow she has the joint injection. So now she has to get two shots a week.

Well I told the doc about her patchy skin and he referred us to the UNC Dermatologist and luckly we were seen today. Well he proceeded to tell me that since Catherine has been on Immunosuppression drugs she can’t fight off the normal fungas that grows on our bodies, so now we have to fight off this new crap!


We are headed on our way to Chapel Hill for two things, for blood work to make sure her liver is functioning and to start her on Enbrel. Maybe we can get off Methotrexate today. Tomorrow is Cat’s TMJ procedure.

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