Our discovery with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis

Archive for January 19, 2011


Hey yall it is so much easier for me to send one txt/email to all my contacts in the phone, here’s the weekly blog update about Cat’s chemo injections. It is getting harder to give her the shot, next week she starts an additional injection called Enbrel, plus her surgery next Wednesday. Say a little prayer for her, the meds make her nauseated and she constantly has headaches from everything. Still she is in great spirits and is happy as a 9 year old can be! However last night the medicine makes her feel nauseated the nurse said the medicine has some kinda of effect on the brain that makes her nauseated, I have been up with her most of the night. Cat’s nurse got a different job at UNC and will be leaving the office, I am really said because Betsy has been great through this process

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