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Today in Chapel Hill

Well Catherine and I went to Chapel Hill and we ended up staying all day, I took the Enbrel with us so the nurse could show me how much to use. Then she showed me how to mix it in case I got the other kind. It is a very interesting medicine. Well they are going to leave Catherine on Methotrexate and start her on Enbrel, I figure I will give it to her Thursday, since tomorrow she has the joint injection. So now she has to get two shots a week.

Well I told the doc about her patchy skin and he referred us to the UNC Dermatologist and luckly we were seen today. Well he proceeded to tell me that since Catherine has been on Immunosuppression drugs she can’t fight off the normal fungas that grows on our bodies, so now we have to fight off this new crap!


We are headed on our way to Chapel Hill for two things, for blood work to make sure her liver is functioning and to start her on Enbrel. Maybe we can get off Methotrexate today. Tomorrow is Cat’s TMJ procedure.

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