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Womack TMJ Injections

I personally didn’t sleep well at all.

SO this morning we got to the hospital early as requested, but they weren’t ready until 8am. So we were hanging out, and when they called us back Catherine got super nervous. So they had her change into a gown, and they took xrays.

Then Dr. Faulk came in and marked where she was going to do the procedure. Next was the hardest part, trying to get the IV in, well it was kinda hard, the nurse Debbie was awesome but a 9 year old and IV just don’t mix. She tried it in the left arm in the elbow, didn’t work, Cat kept jumping. So she tried it in her hand. Well Cat let her stick it in but the nurse missed the vein, and so the nurse was like let’s rest. So the other Resident, asked if they could use some gas, and I was like if it will knock her out then you can give her the IV. Dr. Faulk totally agreed with that, so after about 30 more minutes to get Cat calmed down, they took her back and used the gas, then they got the IV in her. Well before I left, they were trying to get Cat to smile and calm down and they took some great pics but Cat was not happy

The procedure only last 10 minutes, it took her more time to recover and wake up! So the docs did both TMJ joints, and she has gauze covering the injection marks. She is taking vicodin for the pain.

I just wish they could give her the gas before each injection. I just hate this disease, tomorrow gets both shots of Enbrel and Methotrexate. I pray this combination works.

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