Our discovery with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis

2nd Dose of Enbrel

It has not gotten easier, and I pray these shots just work in the next few weeks. Let me tell you as a parent of a sick child it does not get easier to give your kid a shot. You know the medicine burns, we let the medicine come to room temp about 45 min before I gave it to her. She knew it was going to hurt, my mom had to come and hold her because she wouldn’t sit still. Her brother and sister got upset because they didn’t want Cat to get the shot, I got upset because I didn’t want her to get the shot, but I have no choice and have to give her the shot. After about 20 minutes she just laid her head down on my mom’s shoulder and let me give her the injection, I went it at 45 degrees, the medicine is thick and you can’t go as fast as methotrexate. I am just not sure I think I would much rather have a nurse come to the house and give Catherine her injections. I just don’t think a 9 year old should be subjected to 2 weekly injections, after she finishes this batch of Enbrel we go to a different kind and she has to get two shots of Enbrel instead of one…Emotionally I just don’t know if I can give it to her again. I personally hate shots, needles, the whole 9 yards. I know there are a lot worse things happening in the world but wow just wow..Cat, I just remember a few years ago talking about how she had strep and then it affected her knee and I had no idea it would lead us down this path.


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  1. Stephanie Rodriguez said:

    Hey! Have you asked if you can transfer the med to another needle? Although the original needle for Olivia’s Kineret is the smallest, it stung more during injections. Her docter advised us go up one needle size and it made all the difference! The dr’s analogy is “think of a hose. If you block the opening, it sprays out fast and hard. Unblocked, it flows slow and gentle.” So her needle gauge is a 25 5/8.I also inject ridiculously slow (which she likes) and put on an ice pack as soon as I can. One other thing we do is apply lidocaine 1hr before the shot. I don’t really think it helps…but it makes her happy. Another thing that has helped us is a routine. Right before the shot, she cleans and alcohol wipes the area, uses the bathroom, we say a prayer (yes Cat is mentioned :D) and do our 3 kisses (regular, eskimo, & butterfly). Now all this still won’t take the sting completely away and it did take Olivia 4 months to stop fighting, but it helped a little. And with a sick baby….a little is worth so much. God bless you guys on this journey. I’ll be praying for Cat (and you mama!) always.

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