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So it has been a while since I have blogged I thought I would update you all about Cat’s condition. Two Friday’s ago she broke out with a weird rash on her arm, so I decided to let her see the pediatrician before I gave her the metho and enbrel. This past Monday we went to the doctor, and she was negative for strep but her throat was really red, and she had a fever. The doc was like let’s put her on antibiotics because her immune system is weak, besides her brother and sister were sick with fevers and the stomach bug. She lasted until Wed afternoon she came home with a headache, high fever and just not feeling well. So from Wed afternoon until this morning Sunday, she has had a constant fever of 100 or 102. Last night was the first night she slept all the way. Now add two more sick kids, with all high fevers and a mom who fought off this FLU. Yeah I don’t think it was a virus they go away after three days, we had this for almost two weeks. They are almost all fever free, just low grade. Sam is the only one who didn’t have to get on antibiotics, Bran is on them, and it was really terrible I missed a week of work and school. My mom was here to help me out because with my husband’s schedule there was no way I could have taken care of three sick kids, plus run all across town to make doctor and pharmacy trips. I must invest in stock Tylenol and Advil for kids. I know I spent at least $50 on fever meds, kool patches and ice packs! Make it so bad, they had the flu shot too…I just thank GOD that Cat’s asthma hasn’t been active, however we have been giving her rescue inhaler every 6 hours in case because she is coughing but no asthma attacks. I really don’t want to go to the hospital, however I am going to follow up with the doc tomorrow… (this is Cat when she was just 11 months old)

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