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Three Shots a Week now!

Ok Everyone I just want to say, “I am so proud of myself”, I gave Cat her Enbrel shot I had been putting it off for this entire week now.

I was so nervous because the last two times the shot was painful, even though it was a nerve racking to mix for me but it was NO PAIN For my baby!

Thank you Lord! I was praying so hard that it wouldn’t be painful, it is hard to get a kid to take medicine that is painful.


Ok so the pics are this is the starting product with Enbrel the powder

Below is the sterile water in the glass vile used to mix with the power, I had to assemble the needle and everything

Anyway I love love love the Enbrel Mix Kits, so much painfree! Now Catherine gets three shots a week, 2 of Enbrel and 1 of Methotrexate, praying for a medical remission! I don’t care how much it costs it just doesn’t hurt!

Below is the needle that I had to put in the

Below is the final product of Enbrel!

I asked the nurse why does the pre-filled mix hurt and she said because that it is concentrated and there is no local anesthesia in it, but the mix has it! Whew what a relief! I can look forward to every Sunday now!

Orthopedic Surgeon 6 month check up

So today was our check up with the Orthopedic Surgeon, he said Cat’s knee looked GREAT. She could also bend it as far back to her hip as the left one. He said that it looks like her arthritis is in remission, however the only way to tell is if she has blood work to see if there is inflammation in her body, and a MRI to see if there is any active arthritis in her joints.

He did say that she could play sports again only if  the pain allows, and to ride her bike to build up her leg muscles!

Metho Last Night and Enbrel Today

So Last night we gave Catherine her Metho shot, and she had a rough night, I even gave her the benedryl before the shot and it still didn’t work for the nasuated stomach.

Today we go to the Orthopedic Surgeon, yesterday we went to the Eye Doctor. I am hoping he will put her back in the Physical Therapy.

Everything was ALL good, no arthritis in the eyes just a little seasonal allergies. I really like Dr. Danforth he is awesome!

We looked at the videos on how to mix the Enbrel, and today when I get home from school I will give her the Enbrel Shot.

Side Affects again

So Catherine woke me up last night and this morning with a nauseated stomach, and it is the medicine making her feel this way, there is nothing we can do for it either just hope it goes away.

Riding her bike

This past weekend it was in the 70s here in NC, and it was beautiful. While we were cleaning the garage Catherine got her bike out and was really riding it wonderfully. This was the first time she was on her bike since her accidental in September 2010. She rode for at least 3 hours! She was so excited and proud. I was excited an proud, I can’t wait for her to ride her bike again this weekend. She didn’t say her knee was hurting or anything I am praying it is in remission!

This week was her 2nd week back on Methotrexate, I still haven’t given her the Enbrel, I am scared to give it to her, for one the new medicine I have to mix myself and I am not sure the medicine will fit through this gauge of needle. Maybe new nurse will call me back.

Back on Methotrexate

Tonight we are back on the methotrexate shots, it was easy to give her the shot tonight. Next week we start the Enbrel again the new mix of medicines, and I am going to put them in a new needle so we will have only two shots to give. She is back on her Mobic too, I hope her stomach doesn’t get upset. She is taking a week long test in school. I am praying that the visit at the end of the month will prove successful and the arthritis is in remission. It has been a long two years.

Canceled Appointment

So we had to cancel her appointment in Chapel Hill, she has been off her shots for three weeks. All her infections have cleared up, today we are going to start the MethoTrexate shots again, Then next week we will start the Enbrel again.

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