Our discovery with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis

Riding her bike

This past weekend it was in the 70s here in NC, and it was beautiful. While we were cleaning the garage Catherine got her bike out and was really riding it wonderfully. This was the first time she was on her bike since her accidental in September 2010. She rode for at least 3 hours! She was so excited and proud. I was excited an proud, I can’t wait for her to ride her bike again this weekend. She didn’t say her knee was hurting or anything I am praying it is in remission!

This week was her 2nd week back on Methotrexate, I still haven’t given her the Enbrel, I am scared to give it to her, for one the new medicine I have to mix myself and I am not sure the medicine will fit through this gauge of needle. Maybe new nurse will call me back.

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