Our discovery with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis

Cat’s new illness

This past week well month (Dec) has been CRAZY, Cat was diagnosed with type one diabetes on Dec 29. Before she photo(16)was diagnosed she got really sick. She was using the restroom a lot, drinking so much water and her vision got blurry three weeks before her DKA. She slept all the time, stayed home from school a lot. Turns out, she had diabetes in her system for a few months. But one thing triggered it, and that was an asthma attack. After that asthma attack she started showing all the symptoms. I took her to the MTF here in NOVA and later I took her to the ER, to get her checked out. I thought it was the flu, Instead, her blood sugar was over 675. Cat was in P-ICU at Children’s for 5 days. Her highest sugar during that period was over 700.

She stayed about a week out of school. She said it is hard trying to get used to the finger pricks, the shots, and the counting carbs. photo(17)We are both learning. I  tell her to don’t get discouraged and we have to learn to live with it.


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