Our discovery with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis

About Team Cat

If you are interested in participating as a volunteer or rider please join Team Cat. Next year will be the first time Crystal will ride on Team Cat in the two day event. Towards the end Catherine plans to ride part of the way to the finish line if she can with her doctor’s approval. Through your generous donations we hope to raise $10,000 for Arthritis Juvenile Research. Between now and the competition we would like to add 8 additional riders to the team to achieve our fund raising goal. Team Cat’s goal for the 2011 Carolina Blue Ridge Classic is $10,000!

Catherine has been battling this since May 2009 when her dad deployed to Iraq, we didn’t know this is what she had until a referral to the Pediatric Children’s hospital in Chapel Hill, NC late in 2009.  Catherine turned 9 this year and currently takes weekly injections of methotrexate (a chemotherapeutic drug) with the hopes that this medication will put her juvenile rheumatoid arthritis into remission. This will be the first year Crystal will participate in this event under the name Team Cat.  I am requesting your support without your donations what we do as a team is meaningless. Catherine’s dad is a active duty Army solider stationed at Fort Bragg NC and recently returned from Iraq in May 2010. She has two younger siblings and Catherine’s mom is in Graduate school working on her Master’s Degree in Public Administration with a concentration in Emergency Management.

Crystal has become really involved in supporting Arthritis research , she is currently training for the cycling event, and has created a non profit organization called Support Our Arthritic Kids, Inc.


Comments on: "About Team Cat" (1)

  1. nicole box said:

    i never heard of juvenile arthritis before until today, catherines story has brought me to attention i wish the best for her and will share and support team cat.

    nicole box

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