Our discovery with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis

November 2011

Well I have come across some dilemmas in Catherine’s illness, we need to find a new doctor. I want to find one who is more serious and hands on with her illness.

October 2011

Well we got back some bad news on Catherine’s diagnosis. Her arthritis is active in her jaws. Her doctor said that we might have to move up to another medicine, which will be more painful to give.

September 2011

We went to Chapel Hill for her MRI. During the procedure, we had to stop she started having an asthma attack. We didn’t have her inhaler but we managed to get her calmed down until after the procedure.

Catherine’s is doing ok

We have Catherine on physical therapy routines, and she has been on Enbrel for four weeks straight, without being off of the medicine. I thought we were not going to be able to give her the injection she started acting like she was taking a cold, but not sure. I have figured that all the steroids she has taken as a little girl, has started her through puberty quicker. Which kind of sucks for her age. She is pretty excited about going to school, we have her 504 plan in place. We have ordered her a cool wheeled book bag, that will allow for her to transport her books without pain. This has certainly been a learning process. I am pretty thankful, it seems that Catherine is in a lull right now, and nothing is hurting and nothing is flaring up. Two years ago this time we were just so shocked and not knowing what to do. Kids are so resilient with injuries and health care. I don’t think she will be playing sports. We are looking into the swim team on the army post, water exercises don’t put as much pressure on her joints.

So Catherine is doing ok. We went to the JA Conference in DC. She really enjoyed it, she met some kids around her age that has JRA. She has been able to take her Enbrel for the last two weeks, next Monday will make it 3 weeks. Tomorrow we go to the Orthopedic Surgeon to see what’s next, and in August we go to the Pediatric Specialist to see where she stands with her Arthritis.

June what a month

Well it is the end of June, Catherine had a rough month, she was sick for three weeks with an infection. When she has an infection she can’t take her Enbrel because she is on antibiotics. She wrapped up the 4th grade with a bang, and will be going to a new school this next school year. Which will be her 7 th school in her life. Cat turned 10 and got her ID card! We got a scholarship to the JA Conference in Arlington. I am pretty excited because we will be right down the street from the Pentagon in which I am getting a tour.

Cat’s New Diagnosis

So yesterday we were at UNC Pediatric Hospital and the Ped. Rheumatoid Specialist said that Cat’s arthritis is not active in her body. YEAH! He took her off the myobic YEAH! One med down, she is still on Enbrel and Methotrexate shots weekly. We go back in 3 months for a follow up! I am so EXCITED and thrilled! He said in about 6-8 months we might be taken off the methotrexate.

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