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1st full increased dose of methotrexate 17.5mg

Catherine got her first full dose of methotrexate tonight..she said that this time she can feel the medicine because it stings all the way to her wrist…I feel so sad that she has to go through this. She is so brave, she doesn’t hardly cry anymore, and she sits still. It is so hard for me to see her like this…I pray she doesn’t have any headaches tomorrow or Monday. We did give her a double dose of folic acid. Well goodnight everyone i’ll post more tomorrow with the followup of Cat.

Tuesday Morning

Well yesterday Cat went to the pediatrician for followup and she said it looks like arthritis in her ankle. I just can’t wait until the 21st to get here so we can go to Chapel Hill to get answers. I am just amazed, I asked the pediatrician if this will affect her left knee or ankle and she said you know she just can’t tell b/c this disease affects many joints. I know this has got to be a test that God is putting me through to see if I can handle this. I just wish it would all go away.

(this is Catherine riding on her great grandfather’s truck) driven by grandma!

This week

Well this week has been a busy one, I started a new internship. I got a graduate assistant project issued to me. I have been busy working on the non profitĀ business. I have had to let some of the other volunteer work in my life go because it was just too much, and I wasn’t spending the time I wanted to with my kids. Now with the internship and graduate assistantship, I am able to be home earlier in the evenings.

Catherine wants to take Cheer again. Her orthopedic surgeon said she can do PE as pain allows. I am not sure what to do, also her baby sister wants to take cheer with her. SO who knows what the cheer future holds, I am pretty excited the first competition is in December.

Good news, I got the articles of incorporation and other stuff sent off for the Non Profit Organization. Now we are in the process of getting funding! Catherine took her injection last night, and did ok, she was feeling kinda sick. She said the medicine stings when it goes in her arm. So far today she hasn’t complained of her stomach. However she still has morning pain. I just don’t know, on the other hand her asthma has been pretty good so far. Cross your fingers everyone!

Chapel Hill Visit

So it went good, Catherine’s leg is longer than the other leg, so they are going to try to fix that once her swelling goes down. However on the way home I stop at the Walmart Pharmacy to pick up her meds, so after looking and talking to different pharmacists in Walmart, the last 3 weeks they had given her the wrong methotrexate.

Sunday Morning

Catherine this morning said to meĀ “Hey I can sit criss cross applesauce, and my knee didn’t hurt when I woke up.” I pray that this drug is working.

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