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Ok spoke too soon

So I spoke too soon, I took Cat to the doc on Monday and she out her on another antibiotic because she is not getting any better!


So it has been a while since I have blogged I thought I would update you all about Cat’s condition. Two Friday’s ago she broke out with a weird rash on her arm, so I decided to let her see the pediatrician before I gave her the metho and enbrel. This past Monday we went to the doctor, and she was negative for strep but her throat was really red, and she had a fever. The doc was like let’s put her on antibiotics because her immune system is weak, besides her brother and sister were sick with fevers and the stomach bug. She lasted until Wed afternoon she came home with a headache, high fever and just not feeling well. So from Wed afternoon until this morning Sunday, she has had a constant fever of 100 or 102. Last night was the first night she slept all the way. Now add two more sick kids, with all high fevers and a mom who fought off this FLU. Yeah I don’t think it was a virus they go away after three days, we had this for almost two weeks. They are almost all fever free, just low grade. Sam is the only one who didn’t have to get on antibiotics, Bran is on them, and it was really terrible I missed a week of work and school. My mom was here to help me out because with my husband’s schedule there was no way I could have taken care of three sick kids, plus run all across town to make doctor and pharmacy trips. I must invest in stock Tylenol and Advil for kids. I know I spent at least $50 on fever meds, kool patches and ice packs! Make it so bad, they had the flu shot too…I just thank GOD that Cat’s asthma hasn’t been active, however we have been giving her rescue inhaler every 6 hours in case because she is coughing but no asthma attacks. I really don’t want to go to the hospital, however I am going to follow up with the doc tomorrow… (this is Cat when she was just 11 months old)

Cat is semi sick

So the doctor said her throat was red, but her strep came back negative however the doctor doesn’t want to take any chances she put her on antibiotics to clear it up. Usually when she gets sick her asthma gets terrible and it turns into pneumonia. So we aren’t taking any chances.. usually around the change of the seasons she gets really ill! So we are nipping it in the bud now!

Today is supposed to be shot day

I am sort of relieved that today Cat can’t take her shot, she developed a serious rash on Friday, and her throat was sore, so I am taking her to the pediatrician on Monday. But with her being sick she can’t take the Metho or Enbrel, which I am just nervous. However I heard from a friend, the new medicine of mix enbrel doesn’t sting as bad

2nd Dose of Enbrel

It has not gotten easier, and I pray these shots just work in the next few weeks. Let me tell you as a parent of a sick child it does not get easier to give your kid a shot. You know the medicine burns, we let the medicine come to room temp about 45 min before I gave it to her. She knew it was going to hurt, my mom had to come and hold her because she wouldn’t sit still. Her brother and sister got upset because they didn’t want Cat to get the shot, I got upset because I didn’t want her to get the shot, but I have no choice and have to give her the shot. After about 20 minutes she just laid her head down on my mom’s shoulder and let me give her the injection, I went it at 45 degrees, the medicine is thick and you can’t go as fast as methotrexate. I am just not sure I think I would much rather have a nurse come to the house and give Catherine her injections. I just don’t think a 9 year old should be subjected to 2 weekly injections, after she finishes this batch of Enbrel we go to a different kind and she has to get two shots of Enbrel instead of one…Emotionally I just don’t know if I can give it to her again. I personally hate shots, needles, the whole 9 yards. I know there are a lot worse things happening in the world but wow just wow..Cat, I just remember a few years ago talking about how she had strep and then it affected her knee and I had no idea it would lead us down this path.


WOO! the medical insurance selected Cat to be in one of their programs to where we don’t have to pay for Enbrel and it is being delivered to our house and we have 24 hour support! YES! Thank you for the new program, please don’t discontinue it.

Physical Therapy

So yesterday we went to Chapel Hill for Physical Therapy. The PT specialist said Catherine’s inside leg muscles were weak, and that she needs to do these different exercises but she did say that she was stronger than before but needs to build up her strength in her legs.

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